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Just wanted to say that today I finally upgraded my character bag space to most suitable option at the moment. Upgrading bag space was my number 1 priority cause I like farming and with all that grey junk yet costing so little, dropping in so many variations and ocuping lots of slots it had to be done. Not that I’m done – its a great relief from a game that is painfull to play. With no other goals: drops are terrible and unrewarding, character wearing almost all exotic with a few rares – I can finally put this game to dusty corner in attic and forget that I spend rediculous price for it. But again I’ve done it before(swtor, crysis 2).
So I wish you all luck, I wish you can finally complete your game goals in a shortest possible time and dump this kitten abomination of game industry.
Someone told Anet devs also play their game – let them play alone then *)

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Hi Unibot,
thanks for your feedback.