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Regional Flaggm cannot help for stolen account at all???Source
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I woke up at 5am, started downloading the latest GW2 patch. I logged in to the message i am logged into another location
immediately went to support and saw someone from china logged in 7 hours ago. I tried to kick them off but the link to kick them didnt work. By the time support blocked it, changed passwords and sorted everything out, i logged into naked characters, even ,my low toons, lvl 3-9 had all their copper stolen. all the bags were destroyed, karma was used, everything totally ruined

i have mobile authenticator, anti virus, firewall, blah blah, i have also been playing MMOs for over 10 years and never had a problem

support just told me “We understand that you may have become attached to the characters that are missing items, so to get you back on your feet and playing once more we would suggest seeking out the ‘Renown Heart’ NPCs that have had their tasks completed. They tend to provide useful gear for small amounts of Karma.”

i dont have copper to teleport…i dont have karma…
i have checked my computer again, there is no keyloggers or spyware, the hacker must have gotten the info from the GW2 website. they wont do anything at all to help. and i believe it is their website that is compromised, not my pc, since i never had this problem ever in 10 years. and many people have attacks ‘authenticator issue’ hard to imagine all those people have bad computer security. people dont just hack every persons account looking for people who play GW2. they are getting details from somewhere. they are getting info from gw2. gw2 support, gm, and the security is a joke

im glad i didnt have a legendary weapon, because they wont even replace my 8 slot bag

people, we need to push for more security, and some kind of reimbursment or character, servers have records, there is no reason they cant reverse it, or at least some kind of compensation, they sell gold on the website. but i refuse to spend any money when it can all be taken away and thats just tough luck. from their compromised website at that

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They’re working on the ART (Account Restoration Tool). By the time it goes live, it will only be able to help those people hacked moving forward. Gaile has confirmed this in the Account Issues forum repeatedly. This is a major priority for them, and although it is a huge labor cost and development time cost, they are doing this to help people like you. So don’t think you have to rally the armies against ANet or some such; they’ve already heard, and are already well underway with the solution.

That said, it doesn’t matter what you do in real life. Passwords can and will be cracked. No matter what you say, your security measures were at fault here. If there were a security breach of ANet even insofar as a single account could be stolen from their databases, they are bound by law to come out and tell us. As such a statement has not been made, I am confident that your claim that “it must have come from the GW2 site” is illegitimate.

Furthermore, the hacker got into both your email address and your GW2 account. The only way he could achieve both is if you had poor security measures on both, reused passwords, used simple passwords, have a keylogger, accidentally logged into some phishing website designed to look like the GW2 website (I’ve seen some fancy ones), or so forth. The best thing you can do is change all of your passwords, change your email address if you can, and be more careful moving forward. Good luck.

I am very sorry for what happened to you, and I’m so happy that we will be rolling out the ART in very short order. I know that this may not seem a comfort to you, but development and testing continue and we will get that tool into the hands of our CS Agents as soon as possible.

I think RisingDusk expressed things very well. The hacking of your email account and your game account points fully away from Guild Wars 2 as the source of the compromise. The fact that we don’t have tens of thousands of incidents points away from Guild Wars 2 as the source of the issue. The fact that our Security Team (we actually have more than one team focused on security) confirms that there is not an issue with game or server security also points away from Guild Wars 2 as the source of the issue.

Again, I truly do sympathize with the fact that you were hacked, but out of fairness to the company, I feel it’s responsible for me to point out that the theories that point to ArenaNet or Guild Wars 2 as the source of the problem are simply not accurate.

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Hahaha, now I can safely say that even an ArenaNet employee has mistaken my name for Rising Duck (This is frequent!)! Gaile, you just made my day!

Shhhhhh… I fixed that in <1 minute. You were not supposed to notice! blush

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I think this thread has been addressed as fully as possible, except to answer one question that was posed somewhere in the body:

The ART is an all-account restoration. It does not restore an individual item or a certain character. In cases of compromise — and qualifying compromised accounts are the only once eligible for restoration — I don’t really understand why it would make a difference. The fully account was compromised, and in most cases, the account was stripped (and sometimes characters deleted). So rolling it back to a snapshot/saved state is the way to go.