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“Yes, account restorations are very close to being rolled out for all players. There will be qualifiers and requirements, of course, so not every account will be rolled back upon request. (For instance, restorations are only for compromised accounts.)
We’ll have more information in the next few days.

If your ticket says something different, could you please give me the number so I can review the messaging?"

Hi Gaile could I get confirmation about this or whatever details are currently available on the subject, my support ticket ID is as follows.


Support has told me the complete opposite, and that’s about where it ends.

Will this restoration system be retroactive, if so from what point onward, what will the restoration system effect?

Should I be following through with the Billing department or sitting tight hoping that this system will come by some time in the future.

(Throwing this up here since I couldn’t get a reply prior.)

Thanks for your time.

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I’d like an answer on this too considering I’ve been compromised twice in a week, if it happens a third time with all the precautions I’ve taken + the mobile authenticator (though I could’ve sworn I added it prior to being compromised the second time) it’ll be clear that the problem isn’t on my end.

No it will be even more clear that the issue is on your end.

If someone is hacked twice in a week, it’s nearly certain that he/she has a trojan or keylogger on the computer system. Most virus detection systems miss the newer keyloggers, and I’ve been told that sometime, the only way to clear the system is to “flatten it” and reinstall from the OS onwards.

Feel free to discuss the matter with Support, but please don’t assume that this is a problem on our end.