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On the first of December I bought 2copies of the digital edition for my daughter and her best friend that lives with us. (They had been watching my husband and I play and wanted them for Christmas, so we got it early)

I asked the friend how he was liking it and he told me his account was suspended and he didn’t know why, I had my daughter check hers with the same result. The message just says they have been suspended for an account issue, so I’m assuming something looked strange with the payment?

I probably am the reason for the mess up and I used my card and their e-mail addresses so that all the info went to them, but I just wanted to know what needed to be done to resolve this. Any help appreciated.

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As long as you have submitted a ticket, the team can help you sort this out. There are a few reasons why this may have happened, but if you purchased from a third-party seller, I would imagine the codes were disabled due to fraud on the part of the original buyer (the person who sold to you).

Please hold tight and the team will help you as soon as they are able to do so.