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Hello everyone,

so i was hacked some days ago and got my password resettet by the support yesterday.
Now I’m wondering why I didn’t get an Email that somebody tried to log in from a different IP in the first place or why I didn’t get an Email about the Password change, the hacker did.

At first i thought he changed the Mail which is registered to my account but when trying to change it myself i couldn’t find any option for that. Only some support article saying that you have to contact the support to change the mail.
So eitherway the hacker contacted the support to change the registered mail or he acctually hacked into the database and changed the mail there (which would be pretty scary) or there arent any Emails send at all anymore if someone tries to login from a different IP or changes the password.

I checked my registered mail for possible mail forwardings, i also changed my password there and scanned for keyloggers or malware. But im still very unsure if my account is safe again now, especially because i dont know if the Hacker is informed about the password change allready because he has somehow registered his mail to my account.

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It is possible that your email account has been hacked, in which case all your discussions with Support, including the one in which you provided your serial code, are visible to the hacker.

If you think this might be possible please create a brand new, unique email account and contact Support from that account so you can work with them on the problem. Be aware that they will require a lot of proof of ownership, but once you provide that, they’ll be happy to help.