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Regional FlagWife's issue relating to her brothers TrialSource
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My wife is putting in a ticket about this with Support as we speak, but I am posting here hoping it could be noticed.

The Issue:

My wife sent her brother a Trial Key a while back on the Trial Weekend.
He created the account with “testname.1698” (Not being his real account name)
His Trial account did not work properly somehow but he wanted to play pretty bad so he bought the game.
His new account he created with the same name “testname.1702”

Now everyone online sees him as the .1702 account except for my wife who when adding him to her friends list or sending him mail or anything of the like gets his .1698 account instead of his real .1702 account. It is very confusing and must in some way be related with his Trial account being connected to her account?

She has a ticket in with the ticket # 121205-001273

Would like to some some resolution or ideas on this!

Thank you!

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Please do not submit a ticket and use the forums to instantly press for an answer. Please allow the team time to answer the ticket, and use the forums only for issues that are not related to tickets. If you need help after three full business days, you can post in the “Tickets for Review” thread. But the forums are not intended to try to expedite a brand new ticket.

If someone in the ticket misunderstood, update that ticket to correct their misunderstanding, please. Do not create a new ticket, but update the old one.