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Recently My friend had a problem with his account. I purchased the game for him off of https://buy.guildwars2.com/ with my debt card back in May as a GIFT and last week his account was suspended without notification. He submitted a ticket which took forever to get a answer back. Finally after a few days with no clear answer your support team responded to his ticket explaining that his game was purchased using a stolen debit card and was thus flagged as a fraudulent charge, and that his account was banned as a result of the fraudulent purchase. The money was refunded to MY account without any notification to neither of us. I repurchase the game for him again to get his account back. He got his account and characters back but now I’m AFRAID that the same thing will happen to my account or my girlfriends. I called my bank today and they told me there was NO problems with my account or card. Except the banker told me that when I renewed MY debit card the banker accidentally marked it as stolen/lost INSTEAD of REPLACED. In short I purchased the game for him and I in May and my card Expired in July, So I’m Writing this in fear of the same thing happening to me.

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There is no point in submitting a ticket about this situation at this point. If a problem develops, you should discuss the matter with Support at this time.