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As you can see in my attached image, the light-armored gloves from the Honor of the Waves Explorable dungeon are visually bugged, and bug frequently.

In my screenshot, my character is in-game, compared to my character in the “Hero” [H] screen. My character in-game has the visual bug on the gloves, while my character being portrayed in the “Hero” screen does not.

I have found that the cause of this bug is very simple. The visual bug occurs only when and if you take your character into water. As soon as you jump into water, the gloves get that weird gray visual effect and the effect stays on your gloves when you come out of water, as well.. Moreover, one can remove the visual bug by simply un-equiping and re-equiping the gloves. It’s an easy fix, but the bug occurs quite often, because for some reason I swim a lot?

Also, I have a few friends with this set of dungeon armor and I’ve tested to see if this visual bug occurs on their side too, and it does. On every set of Svanir light armor that I’ve seen.

Please fix this bug as it is very annoying to me.

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Thank you for the report. The art team has requested for all armor issues to be reported in this sticky thread; please repost this issue threre.

This thread will now be closed.