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Crucible of Eternity

Front door path: Fixed a bug that affected the aggro range of the Destroyer Specimen Boss.
Submarine path: Fixed a bug with Bjarl’s armor not going off when he charges and hits a tower.

Ascalonian Catacombs
Detha’s Path: Fixed a problem with Detha’s script where she would sometimes not start the event to fix the cannons.
Hodgin’s Path: Fixed a problem in Hodgin’s script at the “Collect scepter fragments” event that prevented the event from starting.
Detha’s path: Fixed a bug that caused the Ghostly Oozes not to use their basic attack properly, and spend a large amount of time loitering around players instead of attacking them.

Sorrow’s Embrace

Fixed multiple problematic doors would open and close when intended.

Twilight Arbor

Fixed a bug where Morrigu could die after defeating the final boss before the cinematic could start, which would break the dungeon and prevent players from receiving the final reward.

The Ruined City of Arah

Seer Path: Fixed an exploit where rangers using longbows could trivialize a fight by attacking at max range, and the Melandru boss would not fight back.

Fractals of the Mists

Cliffside: Fixed an issue where players could damage the final seal with their normal attacks.
Cliffside: Fixed an issue where players were able to attack and kill the first boss before triggering the cinematic.

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Cliffside: Fixed an issue where the Cultists would not reset correctly on party wipe at scale 10+ in the final boss fight.
Changed certain player transformations to not remove Trait related stat boosts when active.