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Here’s my story…. (I’m able to login though)

I took a nap and was in my login character screen and I remember I logged out at LA or maybe Cursed Shore – I somehow when I logged back in Ended up in Rata Sum which I never go…. next to a merchant….

Looked quickly at my gear … everything still there… noticed i’m missing 250 bag of golds and 47 or 48 ectos forgot my last count : / – Gold seems to be there and everything else. So I log out and get error code “Recover Account” After about 1 1/2 and sending in support ticket I get my account password reset and able to log back in.
Support was very quick and helpful but my curiosity is still concerned about why my ectos and bag of golds are missing.

Without any notification or any signs of other attempt via getting character deleted or other means…..

I just wanted to share my incident with everyone.

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If you are not using one of our authentication systems, I recommend that you do so:

Mobile/Two-Factor Authentication: https://en.support.guildwars2.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/9238/kw/authentication

E-mail Authentication: