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Deathful Dante.1239
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I don’t know where to post this and I don’t know if ANet can do anything about it but this website is selling gold, power leveling, items and even CD-Keys!
They are advertising at facebook btw.

Curious is that their website is good looking and lol there are even promotions! Makes it look like they are legal and it is fine to buy stuff from them.
Actually now I am thinking: is it illegal or not? I can’t believe it is illegal and still advertised and so easily accessible like that!

PS: I can’t understand people that buy such stuff; isn’t the game about getting gold, level and gear and having fun while doing it? So if you just buy them, what are you even doing in the game? Paying someone else (probably bots) to have your fun for you!

I mean, WTF?!

PS: By telling the website’s name I mean only to report them, not advertising. Actually, any moderator/ANet employee, please take note of the link and then edit it out of my post. The website name is GW4gold.com

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these sites are probably part of the hacking organisations that are robbing high level chars of gold and gear.

Yes, without question. Their business is theft, and from those thefts they build the inventory to sell gold — which is absolutely disallowed — to players. It’s a vicious cycle. If everyone stops buying gold, the gold sellers will go out of business and, with their market dried up, they will stop stealing accounts.