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I’ve read on these forums a few times in the past of people getting thier accounts hacked and stolen, more so than i’ve seen in other games. I read them and dismissed them thinking, “well it’ll never happen to me, they must’ve done something wrong or visited some shady sites” and kept going about my day. Although a guy with alot of gold in my guild and the commanders in the EU servers being hacked scared me into making stronger passwords.
In GuildWars2 Ive been a commander on crystal desert for about 2 weeks now, and have had my legendary about 3 weeks. Today, sitting in wvw, i am booted because “someone has accessed my account” is the message. I immediately try to log back on but the password is changed. I find out how to reset my password and get back in to find my characters are still there n dressed but my 900 gold in my bank is gone. I worked the trading post alot and made alot of investments every event and got that gold from both normal playing and an hour or so a night playing the trading post/investments since release.
Needless to say I am very upset, put in a ticket and immediately change my password for guildwars2, I know my email was most likely compromised so i change the password for that as well, but I cant find any confirmation email sent from arenanet that my password was changed, so he must have deleted it and deleted it from the trash folder as well. For some crazy reason arenanet will not allow me to change my email address immediately so I put in a ticket explaining what happened….
30 minutes goes by after i logged in with the new password, sitting in LA alt+tabbed now changing my email password and boom, logged out due to someone accessing my account for a 2nd time. This time I cannot log back in as he must have changed my password again, and also, I try to reset the password again with my serial code number and this doesnt work either. It gives me an error and says to contact support, which is what I thought I was doing…..
So hacked twice, this time who knows what he did and im locked out of my account… I just want to say to the people like me who didn’t believe it when I saw it elsewhere…
I never went to any shady sites, I never gave my email out or put any information like that in public view.
All I can think is that I was targeted, and I am here to say its becoming more and more common. I did not have an authenticator for a cell phone because I dont have a celllphone. I don’t know what else to do but put in a ticket, which im sure will take a week or two to hear a reply from. I hear they cant replace or restore anything like all the other MMO’s ive played can. Its upsetting and I cant help but feel that the game isn’t secure enough. Protect yourself guys, its alot more common than you may think.


I use Norton Anti Virus, which says I am secure. I also use a seperate password for gw2.

today support emailed me and I regained access to my account. After the normal message telling me about how to regain my account now that theyve reset passwords etc, this is all I got in regards to everything this hacker has stolen:
“In regards to missing gold, characters and items, currently we are technically unable to provide restorations or any direct assistance with reclaiming what was lost.”
We hope this information is useful to you. If you have any further questions or concerns, let us know. See you in Tyria!
… needless to say, I replied with thank you for your help, but I doubt I will be playing MMO’s at all anymore after 1000+ hours of work lost with no support to get it back.

I replied again telling asking him if they even checked to see where the gold went in the mail because this is obviously where the hacker put it or the ring of bots/hack accounts are… and I get this answer… and this for sure, is why I will never play this game again, nice customer service here.

“Thanks a lot for taking the time to contact us. We really appreciate your thoughts and ideas. The best way for your feedback or suggestions to reach someone in development is for you to post your ideas within our Official Forums.

While members of the Development Team are not always able to respond, having suggestions available in a public area helps them gauge the amount of interest for various ideas, and also allows other players to discuss and offer feedback of their own."

wonderful… doesnt even answer my question and tells me to go talk about it on the forums. I loved this game, but theres no support.
Important note: reported to yahoo.com and the reverted my account and brought back any deleted messages, turns out there were never any from anet. Which means they totally bypassed the email system of guild wars 2.

Does anyone else think there needs to be more done about this problem I am seeing constantly now?

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Physical authenticator, please. Really can’t understand how a company can expect their MMO to ever be taken seriously in this day and age without providing players with an option to purchase one.

Doubly so when said company seems to be incapable of providing support for compromised accounts.

I have read in the forums that several brands of generic authenticators will work with the two-factor authentication system for Guild Wars 2. I don’t know the name brands, but you’re welcome to do a search and find them — they have been recommended (tested, used) by others.

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Does anyone else think there needs to be more done about this problem I am seeing constantly now?

I sympathize with your situation, and I don’t mean to minimize your loss, or the loss that any player experiences when he or she is hacked. However, this is not a game-wide issue, and we all need to keep in mind that these are individual situations and not some pointer towards a major security loophole.

There is a thread in the Account Issues forum, and you’re welcome to post there. I think that’s the appropriate place, because it keeps the discussion focused and when there’s any new information to share, everyone who is interested in the subject will see it.

I hope you’ll understand, therefore, why I’m going to close this thread. Not to stop the discussion, but simply to focus it. I wish you all the best as this situation is resolved.