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I had a question. I have just recently been emailed back and was told that my first gw2 account was unlocked. I had purchased another gw2 key from the site because i thought they would not give me back the account and they ended up doing so. I made the new account and registered the key. Can i still link both the GUILD WARS 2 accounts together? I tried and it will not let me. I also tried to log into my old previously suspended guild wars2 account and its telling me my password is wrong. I tried to get it sent to me and it gives me an error… help? pls/ty

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Hello there, THISISSPARTA.

You need to open a ticket with Customer Support, here, and explain them this issue. You need to provide as many details of your two accounts as possible so they get a whole view of the incidence and help you in the best possible way. If your ticket goes unanswered for three days, please, proceed to post your reference number in the following thread.