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Regional FlagSome days I can't login in the forum...Source
Max Lexandre.6279
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With this error message alot:
Login Error: Portal returned error: invalid_request — /var/www/forum/gw2/en/shared/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/gems/oauth2-0.8.0/lib/oauth2/client.rb:108:in `request’ — login_controller.rb 94 (fangamer:-1).

It’s not always that one, but it’s like it, and it repeats and repeats the errors till I finaly login.

No idea why =/

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Hello there.

Thanks for reporting. We are aware of some connectivity issues that happen from time to time in the forums; we are still studying it. Each time it just happens, just keep on trying to log in till you finally get inside (a little bit frustrating, I know, but the only way possible right now). Thanks!