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hi i dont beleive i ever recall posting here so a fair bit of waring is in order. i have absolutly horible grammer and spelling and genrally do not use punctuation though i am learning. with that being said on to the topic. i have located 4 bots in the southsun cove area in the south east portion of the map. i have reported them a few times and the same exact ones are still there. this is on the maguuma server. anyone at all can come take a look the reason i know for sure there bots is because they follow a set rail and also as soon as there target stealths they lose track of it completely untill it reapears unlike human players who slash and shoot at nothing untill it returns. please get em a net and stop them from ruining the ecomy and any honest folks hard earnd grind cash tyvm in advance.

Cimon the Digger

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Hello there, Cimon.

Thanks for posting. However, telling us this in the forums does not really help and we are encouraging the people to keep on reporting bots though the in-game reporting tools, as this info gets very fast to the security team. You can also send a ticket to Customer Support but using the in-game tools normally is enough.

Thanks for your reports and your patience.