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Regional FlagForum Update Notes – December 6, 2012Source
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Going forward we will be providing update notes for changes made to the forums. Below are the changes made in our most recent update.

  • Forum Logout bug fixed, also logs out of Account Management.
  • Fixed infraction Private Message bug.
  • The PM notification involving infractions has been updated for clarity.
  • Added suspension end time to the temporary suspension message.
  • Posts edited by a user in the “Full Edit” mode now properly attribute the edit to the user instead of “moderator”.
  • RSS feed in the dev tracker now works.
  • Replies to locked topics show the proper error notice instead of a 404.
  • Quick Preview is now showing all text, is no longer “over length”.
  • Implemented localization changes, including but not limited to below
    • “Report Message” title.
    • “Thanks for reporting message” notice.
    • “Preview” button on quick post, and “Back to Top” text on any page.
    • “Compose” bookcrumb title in PM, “Report User” bookcrumb title
    • Fixed German Legal text
    • Code of Conduct accept page labels.
    • Quick Preview uses translated text.
    • The infraction PM notification