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There are 2 bots so far I have discovered in the location south-east of Pride Point waypoint in Southsun Cove. They are farming in the water and after each kill they just teleport small to huge distances (1500+ range) to another mob and farm that and then they teleport again. They are not responding in chat nor to whispers. And the 2nd “bot” I discovered today also couldn’t be whispered because he wasn’t online ? It’s clearly online and it’s obvious they are bots. Me and 4 of my guildies already reported one of them but 3rd day and he is still around and that’s why i’m posting here. Actions taken should occur faster than they are occuring right now.

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Hello there.

Cryo, thanks for bringing this to our attention. However, the forums are not the best place. We do understand that these teleporting bots are harder to report through the in-game reporting tools but if you do have a screenshot, then proceed to send a ticket to Customer Support. With that you will be helping the team more effectively.

Thanks for all your reports! They are really appreciated.