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Regional Flagnecromancer needs fixes BIGTIMESource
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so ive read alot on forums on necros so i tought i try one out , i agree with alot of things (reanimator, axe dmg/range, focus #5 cast time/dmg , minion AI , blast finishers not triggering , death shroud #5 skill where is it? , elite skills useful but useles, flesh golemn dies in water, ppl rallying from minions, need i go on ? i think Anet should fix this. necro is one of the most complained about with mesmers i think

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Hello everyone.

As Savan correctly states, there are already some open threads at the moment where you can contribute with your own feedback about these issues; the bugs here mentioned have been covered already and it is indeed more effective for the dev team to have all your feedback concentrated in one place rather than scattered all around the subforum.

We proceed now to close this thread.