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Just a warning to you guys, twice I’ve ran AC today and both times the dungeon bugged. Detha STILL sometimes refuses to set up the cannon traps and will just stand there, even after you kill her and clear any mobs around her. And Hodgins will sometimes not start the “find the scepter pieces” part of the dungeon. There was actually a new one I encountered today, and it was path 3 with Tzark. Getting to the lover’s room, one of the ghosts killed him yet he continued talking. The team I was in revived him and that’s where the progress had stopped.

So yeah, AC still isn’t fixed even though patch notes say they are. Just please make the NPC’s NOT enter combat whatsoever, as this is exactly what seems to be the problem

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The problem we are seeing a lot of that is causing this, is that people are skipping mobs and rushing through things, and it breaks their scripts when the players activate something while the NPC is stuck in combat.
We try to find and fix scripts in those areas to decrease the chance of it happening though, so details about where and how the NPC broke, and what your group was doing (don’t fret about admitting to rushing or exploiting something) will help us in identifying and fixing the problem.