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As of today I have been unable to sell things on the auction house. Put up 20 ecto’s for selling, and they all disappeared (I assume they sold), but never got a coin in return. Tried another few (cheap) items, same thing!

I was crafting around the same time and asked a guildie to send me some crafting supplies. He did, but I never received the mail, we figured he must’ve sent it to the wrong person, no big deal (was only a few silver of stuff). Though I sent him mail to see if its working. He gets my mail, but mails me back (just text and a cheap item), and I never get it.

TL;DR TP eating items I sell (can still buy);
Unable to receive mail (still able to send);

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Make sure your mailbox is not full. If you have too many mails you will not receive any more until you clear them.

The Trading Post works in a similar way with item and gold delivery. If there are a lot of items waiting to be picked up in your pick up tab, you will not see any more gold or items appear there until you clear it out.