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I just noticed that the Trading Post sometimes does not show offers in some languages, while they are there for others.

Just now, I was talking to a friend about the currently highest valuable item, the Volcanus, when he mentioned that he didn’t see any sell offers just buy offers although I had three sell offers.

As it turned out, the language decision made this happen. After switching my language to German, I had the same result with no offers. Switching back to English made them come back again. After testing a bit, it suddenly started working in German too, but I tested the other languages and the issue appeared there too.

I’m not sure why this happens, I would assume caching issues; but it would be really confusing if some users had different offers just because they didn’t chose English as their main language (I’m not making the assumption that the English version is always the correct one though), so I would like to see this fixed.

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Yes, this has nothing to do with language. The listings at the top may not have been up to date, but if you had clicked on buy instantly in French, you would have seen the items listed.