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Really Arena net… On behalf of my husband you pretty much just robbed us blind for 60$! We spent 2 whole days downloading and updating the client after we registered and purchased it directly from your website. We get the congratulations you’re registered email, We go to log in for the first time and bam … “Recover Account” every single time we tried changing his password and everything.

We haven’t even been able to make a character so of course support tells s to change our password ( really?! we did that on our own via your forums 50 billion freaking times why would that be the solution?)

Seriously do you know how long it took me to talk my husband into playing this game with me….? Over a year… that’s right before BETA when I just heard whispers of your game in the making and I was still working on HoM rewards… And this is his first experience. So not only has support done nothing for us but we don’t even know if our credit card has been compromised along with our account… This isn’t legal to take our money and not give us the service we payed for… and tell us nothing in regards as to why the service isn’t working and then do nothing to fix it.

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This is not an issue on our end. It sounds very much as if you have a keylogger or Trojan on your computer, something that is reading your keystrokes to gain access. (And many virus protection programs do not detect keyloggers, or lag behind their development.) Alternately, you may have used an insecure or publicly-known email address.

Our first order of business is getting you back on your account, so please contact Support by filing a ticket through the “Ask a Question” tab on that linked page. They will be able to assist you. For tips on what information to provide in a ticket, please read this post.

Once Support has gotten you back on your account, consider adding authentication:

For questions about E-mail Authentication, see this post.

For questions about Two-Factor (mobile) Authentication, please see our FAQ.

Check out several tips on security.

And for a detailed outline on the subject of security as it relates to Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, please see Mike O’Brien’s article on account security.