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Kevin Collins.2098
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I just noticed (I know, 4 months, I know) that I can’t access the “God Walking Amoungst Mere Mortals” title on my account. I thought that to this title was available to anyone who achieved the “GWAMM” title in GW1 and linked their accounts.

If I’m mistaken, then I apologize, but I do have a toon with GWAMM and 50/50 in the Hall of Monuments – I can access all of the HoM titles, just not the GWAMM.

Thanks in advance.

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I love the Guild Wars 2 Wiki! HoM section.

If this title doesn’t appear in your title section and you achieved it in GW1, Log into GW1 and then Log into the character that achieved GWAMM, log out and then back into GW2 and the title should show up.

Let us know if that does the trick!