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I want to thank you for doing the very best job that anyone can ask for, and also to ask you to do something for me. Today I received an in-game mail from support containing 1 Ancient Karka Chest. I understand this is for those folks who didn’t get the chance to loot the chest during the one-time event for the Ancient Karka. The issue i have is this: I was at the event yes, I never Disconnected at all during the event, I was able to loot both the body of the Ancient Karka as well as the chest. So what you could do for me is simple. Take the Ancient Karka Chest back and send it onward to someone that truly does deserve it. As i was able to loot the chest and body i clearly do not deserve the chest you mailed me. Thank you for taking the time to read this and clear this up for me.

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You are welcome to keep the chest or to share it with a friend, as you desire.