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A few hours ago I tried to log in and got an error on the updater saying it couldn’t connect. I waited a while and tried again, same thing. After that I went to the GW2 website (https://www.guildwars2.com/en/) and got a 502 error. Only thing I could think of was that I was banned since I’d never seen a 502 error before but I have no idea why something like that would happen. A few minutes ago I tried again and it worked, game and website but I didn’t do anything that could have fixed it. What exactly happened and why?

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Hello there.

The error 502 happens from time to time in the forums; they are down and no one can post anything there for a time. Please, just wait a little bit and try again after some minutes, should you encounter this error again in the future.

I will also forward your concerns to the team today.

Thanks for your feedback.