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Upon character selection, I brought up the ‘World’ option to transfer to Sea of Sorrows, which was labeled ‘Very High’ at the time, from Tarnished Coast.

However, after a brief pause, I got a message saying that I lost connection so I closed GW2 and relogged.

Instead of Sea of Sorrows, I’ve been put into Sorrow’s Furnace.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “maybe he just misread”, but I KNOW what I saw. Is there anyway I can be put back in Sea of Sorrows?

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Hello there, Azunai.

You can try and contact Customer Support about this. Even if they cannot put you back in Sea of Sorrows, it is also good to know the details of this incidence for the future. In case they cannot move you back, which seems very likely, I am afraid you´ll need to wait one week to move to your desired server.

We proceed to close the thread.