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Hi ArenaNet i didn’t get a chest and i’d like one with a precursor in it, spent 3 hours at the karka event and got only 1 g worth of items. Some people got the chest twice with precursors worth 200-400 gold. Some of these guys spent 20 minutes or maybe 1 hour and they get rewarded with a precursor 200-400 gold? ok that’s random.

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Hello everyone.

As I just wrote in another thread, the gw2 discussion subforum has already threads that discuss issues with the karka chests and there is no need to start a new one. Please, check this one in order to see a discussion about what the other players got. For an official discussion about the solution with official ANet statements inside, check this one. There is also another one about the fairness of the karka chest rewards, here.

We encourage all of you to stick to those already open threads if you have something to add there or feedback for us.

We proceed to close this one. Thanks for your understanding.