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I and many other want to know what are the requirements to qualified for Ancient Karka Chest ?

Answer from Support.

Hi there ;

At this time, we have finished delivering the rewards for the Lost Shores event to all accounts that qualified. This was done through a coding script for any account found to have qualified for the chest. If you have not received a chest then you most likely did not meet the requirements to have these items added to your account.

Now that said there does also appear to be some issues with the mail system. It seems mail boxes are getting stuck and not receiving new mails even when they are not full. So I would suggest clearing out everything in that mail box; after making sure to grab any items or money in there. That should allow more room for those pending mails to arrive. We have heard some cases where only deleting a few mails still didn’t allow the pending mails to arrive properly (for example some players may even show 1 out of 10 mails but still won’t get new ones). So I would again suggest making sure everything has been deleted in there, just to make sure there is nothing at all preventing the mails from being received.

If after you empty your mail the chest still doesn’t arrive, then your account was not found to have qualified for a restoration and I’m afraid you will not receive the chest.

I’m adding here 1 screenshot (while i have many) from the Ancient Karka Event same screen was added to support ticket.

Little after this screen was made i got disconnected and wasn’t able to log back.

So if the actually participation to event didn’t qualifies me for restoration what does ?

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You can tell that we want to make this right, and we’ll do whatever we can for those of you who should have received a chest. Yes, this is a “Don’t worry — be happy” message!

So here goes my usual drill: Please contact Support by filing a ticket through the “Ask a Question” tab on that linked page. Tell them the situation, and I suggest you use “Did not receive Karka Chest” in your subject line, as I think that’ll help expedite the proper queuing of your response.

For tips on what information to provide in a ticket, please read this post.

Please allow a few days for this to get settled, but we will take care of all eligible players!