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Hello! I have linked my google app to my GW2 account successfully.

My problem is that neither the game client OR logging in here has ever asked me for a number from it.

I have tried un-linking and re-linking the authenticaor with no luck. Is there some option that I am missing? The only option I see when I go to the security area of my account is an option to unlink it.



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I’ll check into this. I know once an IP is accepted, the authenticator won’t ask you for another approval, and going to a friend’s house may call into the same IP. However, it’s worth asking about, so I will!

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Ok, I checked with Security, and these situations appear to be a simple misunderstanding of how the authenticator works.

When you log into an IP (or an IP range — a cluster of nearby IP addresses) you will receive a message asking you to verify that IP as “accepted.” This is commonly called “whitelisting” the IP.

If you log into an IP or IP range in the future, you will not get a message because you’re already said “This IP is ok — allow my account to be accessed from this IP.”

In the future, we will allow you to always require approval of an IP, even if it’s you logging in for the fourth time in a day from the same computer at the same location. That will be your choice, and many people recommend that you do choose that option once it becomes available.

But right now, in beta form, the authenticator “whitelists” the IPs you approve and then does not ask you to approve them again.