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So, this one guy who was the somesort leader of the group goes afk bit before last boss of CoE path 2. We were quite kittening mad about this but we still thought we could do it.
We actually got the boss about 10% HP left even with 1 afk but then the whole team suddenly dies and boss resets it’s HP back to full.
Now, when you try to kick leader, your whole group get’s kicked out of the dungeon.
So leader can go easily afk and still be sure to not get kicked. Or if kicked, atleast others suffer as much as him too…

Well, I only wasted about 1 hour to nothing. Oh right, I got 3 of those tokens so it’s not wasted, right, Anet?

So, is there some sort of fix coming to this ANet?
Or is leader really allowed to do something like this in future too?

Hope for fix along others in the big content update for windersday.

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did you report him? Because we do ban for that type of behavior.

We’re always working on ways to keep people from trolling and exploiting others. We recently made it so that the party leader can’t leave the group and kick everyone out without his instance being destroyed, so this is just the latest iteration in people trying to abuse other people. I will alert our programmers to this if they are already not aware.

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report them and they can’t do it to others. Cull them from the population and the odds of it being done to you grow ever smaller.

Report them please.