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So yday I was in a CoF group after not doing much dungeons for a while since I’m already dungeon master – decided to help a friend out

We started at 12.05 am and started path 1, quickly realising it was a good group we rushed path 1, decided to do path 2 aswell and finished well before what I tohught was the reset timer (fractal) (1am) -> finished at 12.45 Now for the sake of testing we decided to do another Path 1 run after 1 am – We even only entered after 1am even tho I didnt think this was needed (again referiing to fractals where ppl look for daily groups at 23pm )

Now finishing this path one in about 1.15am we still only got 30marks. One of the group claimed that this would be the case while others believed there was an actual reset timer like I did (1am)

He also claimed it will only reset 24 hours after last completion?

So what is the actual reset timer on these dungeons?

TLDR: When can you get another 60mark +26s reward after completing an expl mode once?

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Dungeons reset the same time the dailies do, which is midnight UTC (4:00 PM PST/5:00 PM PDT).

If your post is in UTC time, everything is working as intended as you did path 1 twice after the reset.