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Dear Gaile Gray,
I have an obscure problem. I, the card holder, bought 4 GW2 Serial Codes, 1 for me and the other 3 for my friends. My Serial Code and that from Friend-1 were bought on 4/23/2012.
The Serial Code for Friend-2 was bought on 6/14/2012, and Friend-3 got his serial sometimes in October. Well here is the problem:
Friend-2 got his account suspended on 11/27/2012 and the money was refunded to my bank account on 11/30/2012. Neither I nor my Bank requested a refund, furthermore it seems, my Credit Card is now blocked and I can’t purchase gems or a new Serial Code on guildwars2.com.

Here is his GW2 info:
Username : Kappa.1245
Serial and order number : Order number: 26807456 ; Order date: 6/14/2012 ;
Guild Wars 2 Digital Deluxe Edition
Serial Code: 733GVK-6F84P-476G-XXX-XXXXXXX (Pre ordered from GW2 site and store)
Character name: Yamir Khan
Ticket Number: [Incident: 121127-001774];

Please help me with this issue.

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I saw this on the Tickets for Review thread. No need to post here as well. I’m looking into the matter based on your post in the review thread.