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I messaged support and asked them something about password system. I asked them why if I added alt+numeric keys to my password, I can’t access the game. I was concerned of my account since there are lots of people here who got hacked and I wanted to strengthen my password more.

But then happened is support blocked my account and stated in the error code, “we detected that your account may have been accessed by an unauthorized individual…etc.” Wow.. Now I regret asking support for that question. Because of that question, I can’t play now. lol

Support asked about my serial number and my serial number has 1 missing digit ( might have accidentally deleted the 1 digit when I copied it to notepad ) which I already explained to them before when my account was wrongfully banned due to botting which I never did. I contacted the reseller if he still has a back up of my serial number and he said that he does not have it anymore.

I hope someone could help me here so I could play Gw2 now.

- sorry for my bad english

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The team would not block you because you asked a question, they would do so if the account appeared to be in jeopardy of getting hacked, or if it appeared to have been compromised.

Please continue to discuss with Support in your ticket.