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In the last week or so, I’ve been having huge problems communicating with anyone in game. When I log in, my entire friends list shows as entirely unknown. I cannot whisper them, join them or basically do anything without getting ‘Network Error’ and then the usual jargon about firewall etc.

This also carries over to not being able to talk in say, answer any shouts and it’s had strange glitches when I’m in a party it will show me actually not in a party at all despite being in a dungeon, I also cannot talk in party chat. It will sometimes clear up for about 20 minutes, then I’m straight back to complete blackout and unable to talk to anyone and constantly get network error.

I’ve filed a bug report each time, nothing happens and I have had no response despite the problem being continuous and considerably frustrating especially when in WvW or PvP. What’s going on?

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First, if you’ve been submitting a ticket a day, you’re flooding the system and may never get answered. Please close out ALL the extra tickets and update your first one to ask for help.

Once you have done that, post your 12-digit incident number from the first ticket and one of us will look into this for you.