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Regional FlagWhat are some ways P/P can be made favorable?Source
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If I had to choose one weapon set I use the most, it’s the duel daggers. When it comes to ranged fighting though it tends to vary. In dungeons, I find myself using the SB for PvE, I like rolling the pistols. Now I’ve read around and a lot of my fellow thieves HATE P/P combo. I don’t blame them for choosing SB since it has AoE’s, is stronger, helps you escape, and ironically, longer range (I believe from my own experiences, if I’m wrong feel free to point that out). I love the SB, but I also enjoy PP. The auto attack is bad, that I can agree, it’s just too slow. It also seems the only good damage based attack is unload. The other utilities seemed based around you having allies nearby since dazing them or making them vulnerable seems kinda pointless if you’re by yourself with just PP. But I digress, I know you guys have issues and with issues come suggestions. I would like to hear what you think would make P/P good enough to see the ratio of SB to P/P at least 60%-40% and not its current 90%-10%

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We are looking into this. I actually think P/P has a lot of utility. Blind field, daze, vuln stacking. However damage is a bit low. We are making some headway here in the12/14 build so be patient for one more week.