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Just wanted to give some feedback, know a lot of this has been said. But I want to voice my opinion.

-First point is the lack of variety when it comes to medium armor, and the fact that while light and heavy get unique skins they can buy for karma, the medium ones are reused.

-Second is how the open world changes when you get too roughly around lvl 55-65. Up to this point you have nice open zones where you can run around and explore. When you get to the areas where you run into the risen, they are just placed so that instead of exploring the zones, you constantly try to avoid mobs.

-Third, in some of the middle zones where you have the big fights with humans vs. centaurs, I hope that in the future you might be able to make them go back and forth not quite as often. It feels wrong when you spend a lot of time to push the bad guys back just to have them push back after 3-5 min. I know that its lots of extra work to add in events to run while you wait for the big ones, but it would go a long way to make the players feel like their effort actually have an impact on the world.

I love the game up to 60 ish, but after that point what made it fun disappears. I would love to spend more time in Orr, but with the mob placement as it is now I get frustrated just thinking about it. And with the addition of Southsun Cove and the fractals, is that what we can expect in the future. Will things just keep getting harder and harder? Will there be anything to do in the future for casual players like me?

I do hope now that the ppl that want a challenge have gotten the fractals, Anet will be focusing their next area towards ppl that just want to run around and do whatever they fancy then and there. And I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be challenging things, but not around every corner. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you find something hard and are struggling to stay alive and the suddenly one or more players turn up and turn the tide off battle. But then everyone should be able to run off in each their own direction because everyone see something different that they want to explore.

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Hello McGorien,
thanks for your feedback. Your thread will be locked because it is not a discussion starter and so, it is normal procedure.
Thanks for your understanding.