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So, my wife did not start playing the game until later on, after all my other friends and family went onto Tarnished Coast. I want to play with her, but because of the “Server Full” status, I am unable to transfer her to my server. Additionally, at this time there is no way to constantly “Guest” to her server, allowing me to play with her. The only times this is possible is areas like Lion’s Arch, which puts us into over-flow. I do not want to leave my other friends and family. And asking them all to change to a different server seems ridiculous. What do I do and how do I get my wife to my server? Or how can I play with her at least beyond a few specific areas?

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I’m afraid there isn’t a perfect answer. As players have suggested, trying during different times may be effective. Asking your other friends to move to a less-populated server would be good, although I appreciate that’s not necessarily convenient.

Situations like this generally sort out in a day or two, so I imagine you’ll find you’re able to get together soon.