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This week my firends account has been hacked, he lost 250 gold, all items, everything and his cleaned character was send to another server.

I talked with him recently he told me that ANet answer was: “from the technical side it’s impossible to give his items back”.

My question is: Is this true ? If yes I have to hank You for those wonderfull 5 months of playing but I will not play a game in witch my robbed items, money, recourses will be gone endlessly. It would be a waste of my time to play GW2 wich I found up until now the best MMO I’ve ever played.

I would be glad of any answer.

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As we’ve said, the ability for the team to restore or “roll back” a qualifying account is coming very soon. The limitations are definitely being addressed. There will be more information on this real soon. (And I’m sorry for what happened with your friend’s account.)