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In the following video of the dredge fractal, you can see me apply a food buff at ~2:20 of the video.

With no edits, at ~6:50 of the video, only 4min and 30sec later when we jump over the pipe to lose agro from the dredge, both my food buff and my party mates food buff dissappear.

I haven’t analyzed my other fractal vids yet, but I’ve noticed food dissapearing randomly within the dungeon even when not zoning to different fractals. Sometimes the food also persists while zoning, and other times it doesnt.

It does seem like its a bug with this dungeon since it doesn’t happen with dungeons outside of FotM. Hopefully this helps devs fix the bug because it’s highly annoying to lose level 80 4s food buffs after a few minutes which are vital for certain builds.

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thanks for posting this – we’ve identified the issue and are working to get it fixed.