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Regional FlagDo I need agony resist before Fractals 10?Source
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The Wiki says that I’ll first encounter the Agony condition at Fractal level 10. The explanation of the effect makes it sound pretty devastating, and gives me the impression that some Agony resistance is vital for surviving it. I’m thinking back to Spectral Agony in GW1 and how impossible it was to handle without infusion.

So, I’ve just finished level 9, and I’ve probably got about 350 relics so far, but no Agony resistance. Is that a problem? Do I need to be revisiting earlier levels to farm more relics to buy some ascended gear? Or is Agony not as crippling as it sounds and I’ll be able to press on for now?

P.S. A 45-character limit on thread titles? Come on!

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I’ve made it up to scale 26 without agony resistance… you need a bit of extra help at the jade maw, but other than that you can avoid agony on the other bosses. It’s not easy though, lol.