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When I tried to log in through the launcher, I get a pop up saying I was either botting, extended unattended play, macros..(Etc). Acc is on a permanent closure.

I’d want to play again yet I get “this” when I have been away for 2 months due for being a full time student. I never shared my acc, or any sort of bad conducts when the game released. Nor did I play the game other than my own comp.

I seriously feel frustrated&betrayed for being in this kind of status when I haven’t done anything wrong at all to the agreement and terms of conduct. Investing my time at work & be able to afford this game; and my account to be put at waste is really too absurd.

I still have my physical copy in hand, will provide proof if needed. I really want my account status to be back active again.

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Thank you for submitting a ticket — that’s exactly the thing to do and a team member will help you as soon as possible.