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I ‘ve initiated a fight with the grub in the Valley keep at Eternal battlegrounds just about 20 mins ago and it wouldn’t fight back. I don’t know how to reproduce the bug but just in case it helps I captured in screenshot the exact position I was when I attacked it. I also might have started the fight with an immobilize skill, Shockwave of Elementalist but I ’m not 100% sure. The moment an other guy attacked him, it appeared not attacking back at first, but then it started fighting. Also, I should note that while fighting him I was always in and out of combat, for no apparent reason.

Edit: I ‘ve reached him at about 50% before more people came in, so it isn’t un-bugging even at phase changes, where it is sposed to dig into the ground and appear somewhere else (He didnt spawn grubs either). I assume I could have solo him without ever getting attacked.

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The bug is repeatable.

Stand at max distance and range him. He won’t aggro until you are closer, or another joins in and gets too close.

You can solo kill him if you fight the whole time at range. But it can reset if you get too far away, stop attacking, or anything. Reset makes you start all over.

If you have an entire group, and everyone stays at range, grub does nothing. But any pets will ruin it.

It is more of a challenge trying to kill it with not aggroing it. lol. Kinda fun too.

Oh. Thanks for explaining how to recreate it, I hope it catches the attention of a developer.

Sure did. Thanks for the report.