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I have been informed that my character name “Flubby Poo” is offensive and I must change it, and I have been suspended because of it. This is just advice for anyone who has the word or forms of the word poop in their name to fix it now so you do not lose any time in this game. It’s bad enough that I had to lose it I hope I can help others with this friendly warning. Good luck players and thank you A.Net for explaining what I had done wrong.

Your Guild Wars 2 account was discovered to have a character with the name “Flubby Poo”, which is in violation of the Guild Wars 2 Naming Policy. Your account has received a mark that resulted in a temporary suspension from the game. After the suspension is over you can access your account and will be offered the option to rename the character with a new name. Please choose a name that is within the acceptable standards of Guild Wars 2, for additional violations will result in extended suspensions and in severe cases will result in termination of the account.

Violations of the Naming Policy are treated very seriously in order to maintain an enjoyable gaming environment for all players. For your convenience, more information regarding our “Rules of Conduct” and “Conduct Breaches & Outcomes” are available at the URLs listed below.

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In any debate about names, about “Should that or should that not be flagged” I remind folks that we have players from all around the world: different cultures, languages, ages, genders. And that means that we take care in name situation, particularly because players see names without choice — they are not filtered by an individual’s settings (unlike language in chat).

We don’t react immediately on a name report (unless it’s obviously bad) but instead review to see if it truly needs to be blocked. I think we’re pretty lenient and yet respectful of our community and of keeping the game pleasant for everyone.