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Dear friends, how well it turns out! Service of technical support does not want to return the second key! describing of problem: I created account! 2 weeks later account without any explanation has been blocked! On my questions to the service of the support was answered: What account was suspended based to the fact that the key was stolen from retailer and he contacted with Official representative of the game! After long discussions with tech support I’ve got two key and register it on the same account, that was blocked, in order to gain access to my characters, which, I will clarify, are not a small level! And that’s what I got back:
I have combined all information regarding your issue on this single support ticket. Please do not create any additional tickets.

As I have already explained your account was permanently closed because one of our retailers contacted NCsoft claiming that they received a report of unauthorized credit card use regarding the purchase of this Guild Wars 2 account creation serial code

Per your inquiry, we cannot go into more detail as that would reveal confidential practices we use or our retailers use to detect and prevent high risk and fraudulent transactions. Making such information public would only make it more easy for those who intend to commit credit card fraud to do so. I’m sorry that we’re not able to provide this information that you inquired about.

This Guild Wars 2 game account will remained closed with no option to have it reopened. Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist you further with this issue. Please understand that further replies regarding this account may not receive a response.

And What do I need to get back my second key ore my money? I am ready to sue the company and the support team, because the other options do not see any help! their answers didn’t help me at all!
Can someone advise the other options?

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As the Smooth Penguin and Carbine have pointed out, our discussions are at an end. Your issue is fraud. Someone used a fraudulent credit card to purchase the game. We were never paid for the code, and we are in no way obligated to allow you to play on account that has not been properl purchased. Nor will any court, in any country, require us to provide you with a free game.

We are not willing to release the account to you, even if you add a new legitimate code. That was made clear in the communications from Support.

As you were told, this matter is closed.