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Regional Flag12/7 - TC vs. FA vs. CDSource
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Exciting new match this week after three weeks of the same contenders!

We are sad to see Yak’s Bend go.
Will Tarnished Coast continue its winning streak?
Will Fort Aspenwood continue dominating after internal drama slowed them down?
Will Jaldy and Kendyl Malkov ever get Cliffside for 100% world completion?

Tune in to find out!

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Hello everyone.

We have proceed to clean the thread up, since it was quickly derailing into a pool of negativity and showing very poor personal exchanges. This does not bring anything good to the thread and all the people involved in the match-up and the discussion, as you may understand.

Please, bear in mind that although a little bit of competitiveness in WvW is good and can be challenging, we are all here mainly to have fun and enjoy the battles. Shows of bad sportsmanship will not be permitted and will be subsequently moderated. If the discussion does follow again the same level of negativity, we will proceed to close the thread.

Thanks for your collaboration.