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Thief: “Ohai! wait what? you didnt die to my steal backstab combo? You playing bunker? kk hold on a sec…there we go, sorry had to hit heartseeker, darn and I was hoping my two buttons would kill you in less than a second! you made it take 2 seconds instead!…sad panda.”

Thief: “Hey you! Up on that wall! What is that? You a ranger? Really? Show me your big DPS longbow number two ability! Hmmm that only did 6k damage was strangely anticlimactic as well as easy to dodge…wait wait! No dont go back and hide from me, ok well if you are going to be like that…here let me show you my shortbows cluster bomb I can spam, see there you go 7k damage and I didnt even need line of sight! Whats that you yelling? Hmmm? You mean your AE does less damage and has a 30 second cooldown? Oh darn thats sad, just hold there for a sec though, I need to hit you with this next cluster bomb so you are dead!”

Thief: “Spinny spinny spinny! I am spinning! Wait what? everyone died at my spin party?…sad panda.”

Thief: “Ouch that hurt! Why you do that to me? Whats that? You cant see me? Really? Oh yah! I forgot to tell you I can go invis or use blinding powder to get out of nearly any dangerous situation! Then if things are too rough I will spam heartseeker or infiltrators arrow to get away from you! See! Its so easy! You know the only mistake you made was not rolling a thief like me! dont worry I wont hold it against you.”

Thief: “what do you mean I hadnt rendered?!?! wait wha?, you mean you want me to wait until I render on your screen before I can insta kill you? Wellllll…I dont know about all that, anet did give me the ability to kill you that fast so it must be gooood, right? hehehe, nah I think I just let you complain about not being able to react in time and dying in less than 2 seconds! kthxbyeeee!”

I hope some people got a laugh out of these quotes, I also hope anet understands how detrimental burst damage on certain levels is to the game

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Hi there,

Very funny and original way to create a thread I have to say

However, as this discussion as no real goal except complaining about the thief, I will now close it.

Thank you!