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Once you get started with the Pact, the story becomes so biased towards Sylvari characters it sickens me. First you have Trahearne that almost literally falls out of the sky and takes over everything your character and his/her faction tried to do. My Norn Warrior was like “Who is this stupid vegetable hogging all my glory? I did all the work, I don’t even know him!”

Of course, in cutscenes my Norn was all chummy with him which felt out of place. Then I got to a 79 mission which involved one NPC heroically sacrificing herself. I don’t remember her name because I’ve not seen her before (My character acted as if he had, of course, bemoaning her tragic fate and what a brave soldier she was etc etc).

Then I find out that these things are much more fleshed out if you play a Sylvari character. Apparently you meet both the random NPC and Trahearne in your story as a Sylvari! Why make ALL characters act as if they were all chummy with these NPCs? It makes no sense! My norn would’ve slapped Trahearne in his monotone expressionless face for hogging all HIS glory and ruining HIS legend.

Now I realize that the story needed it’s deux e machina but why make it so painfully based on a Sylvari character’s perspective?


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There are also NPCs from all the other 4 races that show up later, though unless you did their story branch, you won’t recognize them.