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Here’s a collection of Ascalonian Catacombs videos made since December 8, 2012, showcasing solo Mesmer kills of Queen Spider, Cave Troll, and Lieutenant Kholer (Including his adds, in his room, the way that nature intended). The details of the builds are on the Youtube pages. Thanks to Wethospu for suggesting alternate 2x speed conversion videos. I’m getting an error when I try to embed multiple videos, so only the links for Cave Troll and Queen Spider are shown.

The Kholer fight was definitely the trickiest, for obvious reasons. I ran an illusion-based build, with Feedback for the Ranger, and also the Fern Mastiff for extra distraction. The point of this build was to keep clones and Phantasmal Berserker active at all times, so they could provide distraction and keep cripples on the Mesmer and Kholer, while giving myself a speed buff. Eliminating the Ranger was the most difficult part.

The Cave Troll took nearly as long, due to its regeneration. The trick was to avoid melee range and the AoE while eliminating its regeneration, which can go as high as 25 stacks. I used Mind Stab to remove the regeneration.

Queen Spider was the sloppiest fight, and I would have changed many things with my build if I were to do it again. A Phantasm build/no shatter build seems very promising.

I’d like to thank the designers and developers, like you Robert, who spend so much time creating and implementing these fights. Soloing these bosses is in no way practical at all, yet provides a really fun, fresh challenge. It has given me an additional goal and focus while playing.

Lieutenant Kholer with adds:

2x speed: http://youtu.be/dQ-HUnXuw8w

Cave Troll:


2x speed: http://youtu.be/Up-e-ONUjTo

Queen Spider:


2x speed: http://youtu.be/YwiCgnLhTk0

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Good solo vid. It’s just a good display of phantasm/clone control, proper kiting, and build knowledge.

I don’t take it so much as being spit at that a boss can be solo’d, and the boss isn’t poorly designed considering I watch the spider queen wreck 5 man groups. It’s the same with Lupicus being solo’d by a warrior – it just goes to show that knowing the game, knowing your character, and playing well will take you far.
There are buffs I could give to the spider queen, and I’m sure there’s nerfs we can do to the mesmer – but none of which would be a result of this video. Spider Queen is a solid enough encounter for the lowest level dungeon, and OP is just good at playing the game.
I’d be very interested in seeing Kholer Solo’d! Good luck!

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I have already defeated Kholer with my ranger, and it was the most impressive fight I have ever had. However, I NEVER though of making a video for it. Why? Because immediately we will get nerfed and the bosses will be improved somehow.

Well, not so much. You have to watch their play and what they are doing – not the specific skills they are using. If a player can just spam a skill standing still in front of lupicus and not really display any game mechanic knowledge, then that’s probably something we’re going to look into, as it would seem pretty unbalanced IMO. If a player is dodg rolling, swapping weapons, utilizing utilities, and reacts really well, then there’s nothing really we would do to stop that. If a video displays all the qualities of highly skilled players, then we’re more proud than anything. At least I’m a bit proud that is :p

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You’d better be careful with such statements, this can easily result in an excrement storm considering the latest mesmer “bugfixes”.

True enough. I don’t do skill balancing, I do content work, so I can’t speak for the system designers who do that stuff. But having shown this off to them and made them aware of it, they just saw it as good play, not about an OP skill. So I don’t think there are any nerfs coming to mesmers due to this video, or to warriors about the Lupicus video.