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So I was having a bug with Accusation (16). Well… a lot – all to do with the gate.

1. I kept getting stuck between the gates when they closed.

2. When I didn’t make it to the gates before they closed, the bandits ran right through it and killed the NPC I’m supposed to talk to after I kill them… what?

3. When I made it past the gates and didn’t get stuck, the cannon on the walls would not stop jerking around when I used it (ok, that one didn’t have anything to do with the gate).

4. When I used the vat to pour oil/tar on the bandits which didn’t glitch through the closed gate, they ran away from the AoE closer to the gate… and became completely invulnerable to all subsequent attacks.

I submitted a bug report after failing the quest 5 times. When I relogged my character doing that personal story was back in Kessex Hills… with the quest completed. WTH? Now I have no idea what’s going on with my PS. Can I get rolled back to PS (16) so I can wait until these bugs are fixed.

I’d rather enjoy the game than get ported past something because someone thinks I’m too lazy to wait for bug fixes. I’ll wait for the next patch to continue my PS when this bugfest is fixed. If it’s yet another bug that skipped my PS, I apologize, but I really don’t wanna miss part of my character’s story.


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The gadget bugs are known issues, not sure when a fix will go in since it’s not something I can personally fix. CS has no ability to roll back/change your story step. Normally, logging out while in a story instance will cause you to appear in the open world zone on relogging, so that part sounds correct, but I’ve never heard of any story step just completing itself arbitrarily.