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Regional Flag"IoJ" is "making" -> "Iokittenaking"???Source
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See https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/pvp/wuvwuv/Dec-7-BG-SOR-IOJ/page/7#post970722

Your bowdlerizing software transforms

“IoJ” “is” “making” its usual 11:00 GMT statement, but positions are unchanged (w/o quote marks)


Iokittenaking its usual 11:00 GMT statement, but positions are unchanged.

Nothing inappropriate in the original that I can see (this was in a score update). I’m guessing that your system thought I was using a vulgar word for “semen”.

You all need to dial that thing back a little.

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It’s an inappropriate slang word. It was filtered disregarding the empty spaces, surely to prevent a circumvention (no pun intended).
Please understand that it’s not possible to make an exception here.


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Meinke misunderstood your request. This is a bug with the swear filtering. There is a thread which has been used to report these, but it has fallen to page 2, so it is understandable that it went unnoticed. Please report bugs and false positives in the swear filtering in that thread. Thanks